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Manchester Airports Group
Group Annual Report & Accounts

Manchester Airports Group is the largest UK-owned airport operator, serving almost 50 million passengers a year. The Group has an overall strategic intent to increase long-term shareholder value by generating profitable growth and therefore its Annual Report and Accounts remains one of, if not, the most significant publications it produces each year. Throughout the 15 years or so we have been handling projects on behalf of Manchester Airports Group and there remains nothing more critical to the business than the design and production of the Groups' Annual Report and Accounts.

We have been challenged each year to design and create an inspirational document which balances visual simplicity on the one hand with a business that is committed to high standards of corporate governance. In addition, we need to ensure we help deliver clarity for the reader, yet balancing this with the need to be seen as an aspirational, forward-thinking business with a growing brand.

Three Sixty Media are always very pro-active as part of the planning process. Their great ideas ensure our collateral is colourful and inviting, and our key messages and brand values are maintained. It's vital that any relationship is a two-way process. Three Sixty really understand our vision and then help to 'bring it to life'
Head of Financial Accounting
Manchester Airport Group