Becky Rose joined our team around the middle of October as a work experience student. After being with us for two weeks, she shares how she came to us and what she has learned so far:

“After finishing my Biochemistry degree at the University of York and moving back home to Derby, I was really keen to use my skills in a commercial and design environment whilst gaining experience within a marketing agency” commented Becky.

“Whilst this might seem like a strange leap, I have previously worked as a Social Media and Marketing Assistant for Books for Amnesty York, and surprisingly, my biochemistry degree initially sparked the idea to pursue marketing.”

Becky added: “As part of my degree, there was a Dragons Den-type module, during which I had to work as part of a team to design and create a business plan for a new biotechnology product.

“Although the product itself wasn’t too exciting (an enzyme-based drain cleaner!) I thoroughly enjoyed creating the branding and marketing strategy.”

“My previous experiences have broadened my horizons and I hope to fuse my biochemistry knowledge and marketing experience going forward.”

“With the idea to pursue marketing, and to build on my design and branding skills, I contacted the team shortly after graduating from university in the hope of gaining some real work experience.”

“Since mid-October I have already been involved in a variety of projects including writing blogs and performing competitor analysis.”

“Whilst I loved my Biochemistry degree, I could not see a future within a laboratory environment. But already in the short time I’ve been here it has been really exciting and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.”

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