Derby Ram Trail branding

About the Derby Ram Trail

The Derby Ram Trail will be a public art trail through the centre of Derby from June – September 2020. This exciting event will see Ram sculptures pop-up in various locations around the city of Derby. The Rams will be sponsored by local companies and all will be individually painted by commissioned artists.

The event, which was developed by Derby Museums in partnership with Wild in Art, aims to boost city visitor numbers, increase economic spend, secure the future of Derby Museums and raise the profile of Derby on a national scale, giving everyone access and engagement with the art installations.

The brief

In March of this year we were approached by Derby Museums to help them create a brilliant brand and art direction, as well as a sponsorship pack, souvenir brochure, trail map and website.

Our brief was to create an exciting brand and logo for the trail that would appeal to both kids and adults. Derby Museums also wanted the designs to balance art, fun and inclusivity.

The brainstorming stage

Competitor Research

As with most projects of this nature, we initiated the branding process by performing a competitor analysis. Many other cities have held similar events before us – Nottingham had the Robins, Manchester had the Bees, and Ashford had the Snowdogs.

branding competitor analysis

We used these designs to identify what we did and didn’t like about previous projects, and to help us start to brainstorm ideas and generate an art direction.

The idea

We began the branding and naming process with a fairly strong idea as to what we wanted to include. Whilst we briefly mentioned a few other names (such as the cheesy ‘The Rams ramble’!) in the end we stuck to the ‘Derby Ram trail’ name as this would allow readers to instantly recognise what the brand was about. We were also clear that the logo design should be based on a ram illustration.

To help us determine how the ram would be portrayed, we were sent photos of the cast. The sculptures were to be designed and created by Michael Pegler, who produced the Derby Ram which is located in the city outside the Intu centre.

Derby ram
Left: Cast of the Derby Ram; Right: The Derby Ram located outside the Intu centre (Image: Derbyshire Live).

So to make the logo iconic, memorable and representative of the city of Derby, we used these sculpture designs as inspiration and produced concepts for the logo.

the derby ram logo concepts
Initial logo concepts.

Logo development

To meet the creative brief, the chosen colours and fonts needed to be bold, bright and eye-catching. So taking inspiration from the flag of Derbyshire, we chose blue, green and yellow, but also experimented with other colours. You can see our initial designs below. We ruled out the design where the ram replaced the letter ‘A’ as we felt this was too ambiguous.

Derby ram trail initial logo designs
Our initial logo designs.

After a discussion with Derby Museums, we selected the very first design that we created – it was bold, clear and simple. However, we also liked the dotted line and signpost concepts featured above, so added these as accents to the logo.

Derby ram trail final logo designs
The final logo design and its variations.

To proceed with our design of choice, we added a few tweaks, created some colour variations, and commenced with the production of brand guidelines. These guidelines outline how the logos should be used, the font of choice, and how the designs would look on a range of print collateral.

Derby Museum and Art Gallery
Derby Ram Trail advert
Derby Ram Trail mug design
Derby Ram Trail print insert
Derby Ram Trail t-shirt design
Derby Ram Trail print design
The brand applied to various applications.

The launch

Our designs were first unveiled at an initial sponsor event in March 2019 and have recently been launched to the Derby business community.

We are now creating a range of printed collateral and have commenced the initial designs for the website. We are thrilled to be associated with this project and are excited to see how it develops and is received by the wider Derbyshire community.

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